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I can say that Isabelle has been the best mentor throughout my PhD application journey. After a year of setbacks, I was on the brink of losing hope. Connecting with Isabelle turned out to be a game-changer.

Sandhya M.
PhD student at Max Delbrück Center
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Isabelle's unique ideas elevated my applications, going beyond the typical CV and motivation. She made sure my applications stood out with an individuality that conveyed both my personality and research interests.

Sandhya M.
PhD student at Max Delbrück Center
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Hi, I’m Dr. Isabelle Kohler

I’m an Assistant Professor, researcher, lecturer and entrepreneur with a passion for sharing my knowledge with others and helping them succeeding.


I am a scientist with 15 years of experience in supervising (PhD) students and 10+ years of teaching experience in academia. My mission is to empower early-career scientists to make them strive. I’m here to help you harnessing your potential and reaching your goals.

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